Understanding the Dying Process in Fashion Design

One step of the process of becoming a fashion designer is in understanding the dying process that all fabrics go through to become the color that they are. Far too many people see fashion designers at work on their TVs and assume that all that they do is stand around with models deciding what looks best.

The fact of the matter is that Liz Claiborne studied art in Europe before entering the world of fashion design in New York and you can rest assured that one aspect of her art studies involved the study of fabrics and colors. In fact, you may have already noticed that some of the newer fashion designs that are appearing on the racks of clothing stores have some creative coloring aspects to them that were done with experimental dying techniques.

The first step to understanding the dying process is to get a good book on it and then read it. Next you will want to set up a table somewhere outside that you can get some actual hands on experience at. Don’t even toy with the idea of dying fabrics in your home or apartment, because the dye splashes everywhere and it is impossible to remove from anything that it lands on.

Start with the cheap and easy to use cold water dyes that you can buy at your local art supply store and remember to pick up a few pairs of long rubber dish washing gloves while you are at it. Before you advance to dying t-shirts it is advisable that you cut your teeth on plain swatches of white cloth, because your first creations will inevitably end up in the trash can. Have fun and be creative and in time you will become more knowledgeable of the dying process and this knowledge you can carry with you on into the future.

Become a Fashion Designer With Dress Up Games

In general, girls love fashion more than boys. Some of them want to become fashion designers when they grow up. There are even some that are too young to know what a fashion designer is, but they love dressing up with mom’s clothes and combining them in several ways in order to come up with the prettiest outfit for their tea party with their stuffed animals. There is a tool that’s very easy and cheap to get access to for those girls who want to hone their skills.

Fashion on Internet

Thanks to the world wide reach of the Internet, now girls can get access to tons of styles, clothing and accessories from all over the world, even from cultures that are very different from theirs.

What is needed?

There are only two things you need, a computer and Internet access. If your reading this article, chances are you have them already. If you have a child in your house, I’m almost sure you have them already.

Dressing Up a Virtual Doll

There are literally thousands of dress up games at the reach of a few clicks. With only the imagination as a limit, programmers and designers have created dress up games that feature almost every celebrity and character that there is, and even groups of girls. From the Powerpuff girls to the Bratz dolls, and from the RBD pop girls to the cast of High School Musical, girls can play fashion designer with their favorite character, singer, actress or celebrity. There are, of course, generic nameless dolls dress up games, which are more suited for fashion only gaming.


Dress up games are very similar to old fashioned paper dolls, except with a far wider range of clothing. Girls select from a range of different pieces of clothing and accessories for a virtual doll to wear. Girls have fun by making the doll look pretty, stylish, elegant, cute, funny or whatever other idea they might come up with.

One of the most interest aspects of playing dress up games created from places all over the world is that girls are exposed to styles from different cultures. They will be dressing their dolls with Japanese kimonos, Indian Saris, Mexican sombreros, French bonnets, etc. You can even mix several elements from all over the world in order to make the perfect international look.

Building Up a Portfolio

It’s a good idea to save your or your girl’s creations on your computer for later reference. There are several advantages, for example, re-creating a look or style in real life, or printing it in order to decorate a room. You can also use one that you really liked or enjoyed as a screen background on your computer. Over time, a portfolio will let you show others your work, or give you a base to develop styles of your own. Of course, you can also post a printed version of your girl’s work on the fridge, or another special place, to show her how proud you are of her creativity.

Fashion Designer Handbags – Fendi Handbags

INTRODUCTION: The designer’s brand name FENDI is known for the wide variety of  exquisite designer handbags they offer. From the iconic baguette to the roomy messenger bags, these hand-crafted bags are the favored choice of fashionable women around the world. The descriptions that follow will introduce readers to the features of selected Fendi designer handbags.

  • The Fendi designer baguette has been a favorite since the introduction of this bag. The shell of this bag is logo stamped lambskin leather. The shape of the bag is a slim, rectangular box. There is a single shoulder strap with a 6.5″ drop. The shell is available in a choice of fashionable colors: yellow, light green, pink or red leather all with gold-tone hardware. The color and trim of this smart, Italian-made bag reflects the owner’s personal fashion image. The bag has a flap closure with signature logo snap. The interior is fully lined and has an interior patch pocket. The dimensions are: 5.75″H x 10.5″L x 1.5″.
  • This Fendi Chef designer handbag with a mahogany colored, logo-patterned canvas shell affirms the owner’s exquisite taste in designer handbags. The gold-tone hardware and logo charm accentuate the style of the bag. The shell is pleated and detailed with leather trim. The shape of the bag is rectangular. A single, leather shoulder strap provides a 7.5″ drop. There is a top zip closure. The fully lined interior has a zip pocket. The bag is made in Italy. The dimensions are: 13″L x 8.5″H x 2.5″W.
  • The beautiful Fendi brown logo designer messenger bag is functional as well as stylish. The shell is logo canvas and is trimmed in leather. There is a multi-colored (brown, tan, beige and white), adjustable, nylon shoulder strap (28 inches max drop) with silver, logo engraved hardware. The bag’s shape is, essentially, square. It has a front slide pocket, a front zipper pocket, and the main compartment has a zip closure. The interior has a full, nylon lining. This bag is ideal for carrying business, travel, or other valuable files. The bag is made in Italy. The dimensions are: 9″L x 9.5″H x 1.5″W.
  • The Fendi signature print designer messenger bag is a striking accessory. The shape is rectangular. The purple and beige, logo print on canvas shell is detailed in nylon and white leather trim. Pale gold hardware elegantly finishes the look. The shell has a zipper top closure and an adjustable, cross-strap handle. The interior is fully lined. The bag is made in Italy. The dimensions are: 11″H x 17″ L x 4″W. This stylish and functional bag is large enough to carry a 17″ lap top computer.
  • This Fendi designer fashion silver clutch handbag will add elegant glamor to your outfits. The striking, silver color of this leather clutch with silver-tone hardware will complement a casual luncheon or a fashionable night on the town. The shape of this bag is rectangular. The silver-tone chain strap can be worn long or doubled to create a new look. The bag has a full length, flap closure. The interior, fully lined with metallic silver suede, has seven credit card slots. The bag is made in Italy. The dimensions are: 8″L x 4.5″ H X 2″ D.

Fashion Ecommerce Design

Fashion is an art that requires an amazing sense of understanding to sell it. No one just buy any art piece for nothing. When it comes to branding and setting business goals in the fashion industry, a lot of new ideas and techniques are invested for better business. Fashion companies all over the world have spent large amounts for their brands because they know just setting up a simple catalogue will not serve the required purpose. Here are the steps for ecommerce solutions to facilitate your business in the fashion industry.

Considering the booming market for  fashion , effective  fashion  ecommerce has conjoined itself with outstanding  design , good customer experience and excellent marketing, along with qualitative content. A good retail ecommerce website can take your business to good profits. Good designs, extensive information about your work and fantastic pictures are really needed to make your website entertaining for your visitors. Let us see following points, which you can incorporate for your  fashion  ecommerce  design :

  1. Try to make your ecommerce website design creative and appealing, which is easy to load and use by the consumers.
  2. Make sure that your retail ecommerce website reflects the actual designs of your brand.
  3. Using the benefits of ecommerce solutions, create content which is informative, catchy and entertaining for your customers. It should help your buyers understand about the brand they are going to invest in, its background, history and its unique characteristics.
  4. Choose items that can be searched online easily.
  5. Generate an ecommerce system online that your customers can use to order the same items and products as they can buy from your stores. This will help you in building brand loyalty and long-term customer relationship building.
  6. Give extensive details of your products, for example dresses, purses, cosmetics, summer fashion line, discount items, etc.
  7. Provide high quality images and shots of your products.
  8. On your retail ecommerce website, it is extremely essential that you use all possible ecommerce solutions for the best outcome of your fashion website. Make sure that your shopping procedure is error free for your consumers, so that they do not find the whole process a hassle.
  9. Use rich components of media, for example Java or Flash to make your ecommerce fashion website suitable for all sorts of online users.
  10. Search and locate various ways and methods of recognizing your regular customers and keep them updated regarding your latest special offers and promotional deals.

Here are some pointers to keep you updated with the latest information you may require to set up your fashion ecommerce website. Along with your offline business, this online presence will serve you good in terms of good relationship building and getting maximum exposure for your fashion line.

Becoming A Fashion Designer

When you dream as a child about what you want to be when you grow up, fashion designer ranks high on the list for many who envision a glamorous lifestyle and a chance to influence the way society dresses. Being a fashion designer certainly does come with its benefits; but it is also a career that requires a balance between creativity and skill.

We need only to turn on the television or flip the pages of a magazine to see how fashion influences our culture. The way we dress on a daily basis, the clothing we run to the stores to purchase, all depend on what’s popular on the runways. And what’s popular on the runways is created by fashion designers. A fashion designer creates a look and makes it happen. But what people don’t see, as models strut the runway wearing the latest designs, is the enormous amount of work and skill that it takes to get to that bright shining moment.

A   fashion  designer must not only be skilled in the manufacturing of clothing – including knowledge of textiles and expertise in sewing – but also in sketching and drawing their  designs . The savvy  fashion  designer understands color and how to use it to capture the essence of their  design .

Becoming a  fashion  designer means attending a reputable school that teaches  design , sewing, textiles, and the like. It is imperative that you learn the fundamentals of design before you add your own creativity and flair. Even more important, however, is the working knowledge that you can gain working as an intern or apprentice in an established shop. Working alongside a fashion designer who can give you firsthand experiences and help you build your portfolio is incredibly important to becoming a fashion designer. It’s all about experience. So take all that you can from school but put your skills to use – everywhere and anywhere that you can. A strong portfolio that demonstrates your talent and desire to work in the industry will go a long way to helping you realize your dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Top 10 Fashion Designers on Earth

The   fashion  world is driven by some of the most inspiring and creative designers whose  designs  have been appreciated by all and sundry. Check out the top 10 fashion designers in the world, who have given a new dimension to the world of fashion.

Marc Jacobs

A top-notch American fashion designer, Marc is the head designer of famous brands Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Previously, he was the creative director of French  design  house Louis Vuitton and his  designs  turned Louis Vuitton into a  fashion  powerhouse from a luggage firm.

Kate Spade

If you love handbags, then Kate Spade is definitely your best friend. Born in Kansas, Kate started her journey in the  fashion  world by  designing  handbags and co-founded Kate Spade Handbags along with Joel Franklin in 1993. In 1996, she was awarded America’s New  Fashion  Talent in Accessories, for her  designs  by the Council of  Fashion  Designers of America.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is not just a fashion designer, but also a movie director. Tom gained prominence after turning the fortunes of Gucci from near bankruptcy. After leaving Gucci, he launched his line of menswear, eye-wear and other accessories.

Donatella Versace

A noted Italian fashion designer, Donatella took the Versace Group to new heights after the death of her brother Gianni Versace. Donatella ensured that Versace has its presence in major fashion centers around the world. Presently, she is the Vice-President as well the chief designer of the Versace Group.

Valentino Garavani

Valentino started his career in 1959 when he established his own fashion house in Rome. Valentino became famous for designing dresses for Jacqueline Kennedy and since then he has designed clothes for many famous and powerful people.

Ralph Lauren

A legendary fashion designer, Ralph is best known for the Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. He is credited for inventing the first polo style logo for women’s suit that was designed around the men’s classic style. This became a rage and he is one of the first fashion designers to formulate the short sleeve shirt with the polo emblem.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio has been in the fashion world for over four decades and he is known for his clean, tailored lines. He began his career as a window dresser and later shifted his focus to menswear. Giorgio is also known for his marketing skills in the fashion world.

Betsey Johnson

A famous American designer, Betsey is known for her feminine and whimsical designs. She designed her first line of clothes way back in 1970 and they became hugely popular among rock and roll musicians. She has also forayed into designing bags, accessories and scarves.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl is a renowned German fashion designer, whose trademark high starched collars, black glasses and white hair make him easily recognizable in the world of fashion. Karl is also a well-known artist and photographer.

Jean Paul Gaultier

A famous French fashion designer, Jean served as the creative director of Herm├Ęs from 2003 to 2010. Apart from owning several labels, Jean has also licensed a line of perfumes in association with Puig.

Career in Fashion Design

 Fashion   Design  is a source which shows you to develop your ideas and extensive research. Combination of experts(lectures) in  fashion  and  design  workshops training is  fashion   design  education.


Easier way for upcoming fashion designers, the government as well as privately funded institutions have introduced comprehensive courses. In past five years India has seen lot of institutes popular and huge amount of students joined, course of fashion as a serious degree.


  • Performance in entrance exam.
  • For undergraduate programmes – 10+2 with a minimum of 50% from any recognized board of education.
  • For postgraduate program a bachelor’s degree in a specific field.
  • Having a portfolio of sketches, drawings and other artistic creations help.

Skills and Aptitude

  • Originality, creativity, an eye for detail and understanding of clothes and fashion
  • Knack for combining the right color shades, textures and fabrics to to bring to life one’s imagination
  • Knowledge of fabrics, the way they draping, material, weaving styles, color and design
  • Basic tailoring skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Fashion consciousness
  • Market awareness and awareness of the consumer’s preferences

Fee Suggestions

Like most vocational courses, a degree in fashion too is expensive. Educational loans are an option for those who aren’t able to afford it on their own, personal loans are also a viable option to finance one’s education though they come with a higher rate of interest.

Career Prospects

 Fashion   Designing  is a demanding profession. The long working hours during college only prepare one for the long working hours as professional. And one should remember that it is not only limited to designing clothes. Design in fact includes a vast gamut of professions that include Jewelry or accessory designing. Most designers start by apprenticing with an established fashion designer or look for employment in an export or manufacturing unit. Others freelance from a hime studio or boutique and develop their own labels. Career options can include any of the following –

  • Fashion marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Production
  • Costume design
  • Personal stylist
  • Technical designer
  • Production pattern maker
  • Cutting assistant
  • Fashion coordinator
  • Apparel production manager
  • Fabric buyer
  • Fabric quality control manager
  • Sales representative
  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion photography

 Fashion   Designing  a career aspect, students should not have a doubt about joining top institutes.

Top Ten Fashion Designers to Watch in 2010

With so many designers graduating and moving into the fashion industry each year, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with who is who and what they are doing. There are always some that stand out from the crowd and quickly gain a following as well as those that produce amazing and very wearable clothes but manage to stay under the radar with a much smaller following.

Here is our guide to the designers to watch for 2010 including those with a fast growing popularity and the under the radar names that are producing some very desirable offerings.

Ashish – started in 2001 by Ashish Gupta, this label has quickly earned its fashion stripes among the trendsetting elite. Last season wedges by Ashish were big news and for SS10 collaboration with Topshop has cemented the place of Ashish among the UK’s hippest designers and labels. The label created clothes that make women really stand out from the crowd with sequin encrusted brightly coloured pieces for SS10 including a dress with a brightly coloured map design in sequins.

Phoebe Philo for Celine – Celine was a label that had started to lose its way a little but all of that changed when Phoebe Philo joined last year. Her first collection in June last year definitely showed that the former Chloe designer meant business with a collection of utilitarian pieces, with an emphasis on industrial touches like zips and chunky crystals. The look was a stark contrast to her usual style of frilly feminine pieces but has won her plenty of attention and many in the fashion know will have earmarked some of these classic staple pieces for their wardrobes.

Holly Fulton – Holly Fulton won the Swarovski Emerging Talent Award for Accessories at the British Fashion Awards in 2009. Since then she has made everyone sit up and take note with her striking and bold graphic pieces with large pieces of statement jewellery that integrate into the clothing designs. Her jewellery was noticed by none other than Alber Elbaz and he definitely has impeccable taste.

Acne – originally just selling jeans the Swedish brand Acne has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. Expect more exciting developments for 2010 with their clean sleek tailoring and spot on shoes and accessories.

David Koma – If any designer should be noted for his increased popularity and celebrity following in 2009, it is David Koma. His dresses were seen on Cheryl Cole and Rhianna. His bodycon styles are bold bright and sculptural and are made by layering curved panels of leather, bonded silks and fine wools. For SS10 his inspiration is taken from scuba diving with bright neon colours and unusual proportions.

Ohne Titel – This   design  duo formed by Flora Gill and Alexa Adams after meeting at Parsons School of  Design  has been hovering under the  fashion  radar for a few seasons now with those in the fashion know keeping the secret to themselves. In 2010 Ohne Titel is likely to start really showing what it is about on the world stage with its architectural shapes, soft draping and keen attention to detail in fit and finish. In January of 2009 OHNE TITEL won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award for women’s wear. OHNE TITEL was nominated into the top 10 for the 2009 CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund Award. The label was also nominated for the 2009 Swiss Textiles Award.

Michael Van Der Ham – The award of NEWGEN status is often a good indication that a designer is on the up. Michael Van Der Ham has received plenty of attention for his MA collection which pieced together clothes from different eras. His clothes are perfect for strong women who are not afraid to express themselves through their clothes. He was also awarded the L’Oreal Professional  Fashion   Design  Award and given a place at  Fashion  East Catwalk Show.

Maia Norman – Graduate of Parsons School of Art and design, Californian Surfer now living in North Devon and wife of Damian Hurst, it is no surprise that her label Mother of Pearl is exciting, innovative and very artistic. Her SS10 collection contains some very desirable pieces that are decorated with designs from different artist collaborations. Most notable are the Ape designs on cream jackets and tops which and beautiful pieces of art but also very wearable.

Christopher Raeburn- Christopher is making his name as the nest big thing in eco  fashion   design . His work is not just desirable for its environmental credentials though. For SS10 his collection of street wear inspired glamour made from recycled military surplus has caused a bit of a stir. A beautiful silk parachute dress was particularly noteworthy. He has also been selected for the prestigious NEWGEN Sponsorship.

Clemency London – This label debuted at Harvey Nichols in autumn 2009 and looks like it could be earning itself a place in some of the elite fashion wardrobes. The designer Alison Buddenhagen has worked with Katherine Hamnett, Christopher Bailey at Burberry, as well as with Giorgio Armani for four years in Milan. Her last collection consisted of sophisticated pieces including crisp cut jackets in leather and wool, neat tailored dresses in nude and berry tones and hand-stitched French silk chiffon separates to layer.

Top 10 Indian Fashion Designers

The Indian fashion industry has changed drastically over the years and India has evolved as one the most fashion conscious nations in the world. Thanks to some incredibly creative and dynamic fashion designers, Indian fashion has made its mark on the global platform. Check out the fashion designers who are ruling the roost in the fashion circle of the country.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

A noted fashion designer from Kolkata, Sabyasachi is the king of traditional clothing. He graduated from NIFT in 1999 and just a couple of years later bagged the Femina British Council’s most outstanding young designer of India award. Cultural traditions of Kolkata, gypsies and antique textiles are his inspiration. His collections are a part of several multi-designer stores in India and his recent collections aim to project India in a new light.

Manish Malhotra

A top-notch fashion designer, Manish’s designs have been adored by many leading actresses in Bollywood. Manish is one of the first costume designers who ventured into the mainstream fashion with his high-profile couture store in 1999. He is known for creating glamorous designs with traditional Indian textures, colors and embroideries.

Tarun Tahiliani

A famous fashion designer born in Mumbai, Tarun is known for combining traditional aesthetics with modern design. He opened India’s first up-market boutique, Ensemble, which revolutionized Indian fashion. Tarun’s designer clothes are in huge demand in London, New York, Tokyo, Dubai and Hong Kong.

JJ Valaya

A master of great bridal collections and hand embroideries, JJ Valaya is one of the best Indian fashion designers. He founded House of Valaya, a luxury fashion and lifestyle house in 1992. Fusion of traditional crafts and contemporary haute is Valaya’s specialty.

Wendell Rodricks

Wendell started his career as a catering graduate, but found his true calling in fashion designing. His passion for white is well-known and his minimalist chic style is a rage among Indian fashion lovers. Wendell is India’s first designer to be invited to IGEDO, the largest garment fair in the world.

Ritu Beri

The first Indian designer to present her collections in Paris, Ritu’s ready-to-wear line earned her rave reviews from the French media. She created her first line of clothing, Lavanya, in 1990 and has designed clothes for Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, Nicole Kidman, Madhuri Dixit and Rani Mukherji.

Neeta Lulla

A renowned Indian designer, Neeta has won the National Film Award on four occasions for the best costume design. In a career spanning over two decades, she has won numerous international accolades too. Her creations are known for their royalty, grace and richness.

Rina Dhaka

Rina emerged in the fashion world in the late 1980s and is one of the most creative and innovative designers of the country. Rina is best known for her theme collections and her forte is western wear. Prominent magazines such as Vogue and Elle have featured her works.

Rohit Bal

Rohit is best known for using peacock and lotus motifs and his creations are handcrafted to near perfection. He pays great attention to detail and has designed clothes for celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Anna Kournikova, Uma Thurman and Cindy Crawford.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar’s designs offer a great fusion of sophistication and euphoria. She is known to create designs with an amalgamation of contemporary and age old craftsmanship. A veteran fashion designer, she has helped the industry to reach new heights.

What to Choose an In-Class Fashion Design College Degree Or an Online One

Most of you would know that in order to get into the fashion design industry, you would require a degree or a diploma certificate from a fashion design college, at least in the initial stages to tell the clients about you knowledge. But there are times and cases when one is not able to find time to attend a school or a college because of other commitments and financial pressures at times. In most technical fields, online schools have already become a hot favorite among working professionals who do not have time to attend regular classes at the conventional brick and mortar schools. The fashion industry is also fast catching up with this trend and a number of online fashion design colleges have come up in recent times which provide high quality education and good in house training and even offer internship opportunities in collaboration with some of the leading fashion design studios and labels. These colleges offer similar courses to those being offered at actual fashion design colleges, so the aspirants do not have much problem with the learning aspect at these online fashion design colleges.

Numerous degrees on offer.

As most of you know, there are many diverse fields within the field of fashion designing itself, and it is always beneficial if you get a specialized degree in any one of these streams from a reputed fashion design college. This fact can go a long way in landing you to the fashion design studio of your choice. Marketing, costume designing, merchandising, logistics, accessories and shoes are some of the broader fields that are encompassed within the world of fashion designing. It is always beneficial if you have a specialized degree in one or more of these fields from a reputed fashion design college. Most upcoming fashion designers would have anywhere between 2 to 3 such specialized degrees. This increases your profileýýýs horizons, especially, if the degree is backed by a good fashion design college. A perfect example on making the best use of two or more specializations would be someone who can club merchandising and marketing together and work at a retail store.

Comparison between online and in class fashion design colleges.

To choose between an online or an in class fashion design college, you would need to consider your requirements and the kind of expertise you need. Although it is quite true that most of the physical establishments of repute fashion design institutes in either on the west coast, California region, or the East coast, NYC region, yet it is not true. Some of the fashion design colleges have started establishing their physical campuses elsewhere in the country as well. If you want to get the degree, and be where the classes are in order to be able to get a valuable internship and then later work under a banner or in a boutique, you might well consider attending the classes at the physical location of the fashion design institute. If you do not have time to attend classes but still want that degree, and you know you can land up with the job with just a degree, then you might well go for online learning centers of these fashion design institutes.

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