Fashion Design Courses

The fashion industry is one of the most fast paced industries, offering extensive job opportunities to people who are creative geniuses and have a knack for fashion. The increase in the number of schools offering courses in  fashion   design  is an example of the potential in this field.

The courses in the  fashion  schools are  designed  to channelize the talent of the creative students in the right direction so that they can make the best use of the opportunities available. While the main objective of most  fashion   design  schools stays the same, the curriculum may vary from place to place.  Fashion   design  courses are more popular in top  fashion  destinations around the world such as Paris, New York and London.

 Fashion   design  courses vary, depending on the type of program. These include the associate degree program or the diploma /certificate program. These  fashion   design  programs aim at providing proficiency to the students in different streams of the  fashion  industry by including different courses. These are creative  design , technical  design , merchandizing management, and  fashion  marketing to equip and hone the requisite skills of the students who wish to pursue this lucrative career.

The courses are designed in such a way that the students can combine theoretical concepts with their creative ideas. These are further aligned with technical and business practices in the course.

Creation and presentation of the portfolios and conducting stage fashion shows is an integral part of the course. The courses develop the necessary skill of the students so that they can create a signature style of their own and reap the benefits of the immense potential of the fashion industry. The students are familiarized not only with the designing aspect of the apparel, but also the ways of presenting and marketing it.

 Fashion   design  courses aim at providing the necessary skills to the students and assist them to become proactive to reap the benefit of the fast growing but extremely competitive profession.

Get a Job in Fashion Design

The  fashion  industry continues to be a career path on which many young school leavers continue to be interested in and the increase in the number of  fashion  shows on television only heightens the interest in  fashion   design  as a future career. Shows such as ‘What not to wear’, the ‘Fashion Police’ and with the introduction of Fashion TV, fashion continues to grow as an industry. So how can you get involved in the fashion industry? A look below at some basic tips:

1. University Course – There are various options for studying  fashion  and these include taking a university degree course including in a venue such as London College of  Fashion , where you can do a course such as  Fashion  Marketing or Retail branding and  design . Several universities in the UK and ones further afield offer courses covering all aspects of the fashion industry.

2. College Course – For school leavers, if you wish to get immediately involved with the industry and want to avoid the debts which these days are associated with going to university, going straight to college and starting a course such as a BTEC level ND Fashion and Textiles course such as offered at Plymouth College of Further Education in Devon, or a similar course in the UK is an option. Other courses in the UK include titles such as ‘ Fashion  and Textile  design ‘ and ‘Footwear Design’.

3. Home Study – Another increasingly popular option these days is to study fashion at home so that you can still work and study and thus get involved with the fashion world but at your own pace and in a way which can be much more affordable. Several companies’ offer Home learning and courses can include titles such as Dress maker and  Fashion   design  and can generally be completed with roughly 100 study hours. This type of course looks art many aspects of  design  including fabrics,  fashion  awareness and  design .

If you really want to get into the industry and are confused, then attending one of the main industry fashion shows which take place annually, such as the ‘Clothes Show Live’ event, can be really helpful. Talking with the various fashion companies and getting advice on the opportunities for internships and best courses.

Working in the fashion industry can be rewarding and exciting and the beauty of this career path is that you often get the chance to travel and the industry is continually re-inventing itself.

Learn About Training In Fashion Design

Training in  fashion   design  can be a wonderful decision to make, especially if you enjoy much of the industry. Generally, several types of careers relate to this field, and many programs tend to provide state-of-the-art studies that revolve around these career choices. In fact, you can learn over the internet or choose a program that is more structured and in a classroom-type setting. All in all, many find that this can be an exciting and beneficial opportunity in the long run.

This particular type of industry focuses on a wide variety of things, but primarily accessories and clothing. Different types of career options are available for those who want to try  fashion   design  training, but figuring out what type of career you want to join beforehand may help your actual search.

Although people without a  fashion   design  education have been able to land various types of positions, these types of jobs are often few and far in between. As a result, those who further their education often find that they have more options and are generally able to standout more from the rest of the competition. They also get to learn useful tools to help them further their career path later on.

Graduates of these programs also find that they have more options after they take  fashion   design  training programs, even aside from what they being more likely to get a job. Many students are more likely to get a better paying job, and there is usually more room for growth. Some are even able to earn a lucrative income, depending on where they decide to take their career.

You might find that viewing each school and the studies that they provide can help you decide on what program and school will be the best for you to take. This can also give you the opportunity to see what you can expect from your future fashion education. It may also be beneficial for you to view your career choice and the requirements that are typically expected from employers, so that you can determine what curriculum outline matches this the most.

You’ll also find that schools will have a set criteria that students need to meet. This includes previous school transcripts, along with having a high school diploma or GED. You can learn more about requirements by viewing school catalogs, websites, or by speaking to a representative of a particular school.

Oftentimes, schools may also prefer students who have some training in art or design work, since students will typically be working with sketches. Computer work is also commonly seen throughout programs, so having some experience here may be beneficial to you as well.

Students who are interested in design often go for a 2-year associate’s degree or a 4-year bachelor’s. However, it may be best to verify what a school’s requirements may be in this sense. Some students may also combine their studies with something like marketing or business, while some programs may include this in their programs by default. If you have certain goals in mind, then speaking to a school representative may also be a good way to learn about your options.